December 6, 2007

A little bit of my life

Tomorrow is Bucka's surgery. Please pray.

Tonight is the kids' Christmas program at school. Husband had to work. I will attend on my own with all 4 kids. Please pray. #1 Son promises to sing "the bob part" of jingle bells as loud as he screams when he's playing outside. I said I'd just like him to sing nicely instead. BabyGirl may flat refuse to wear her costume (ie sweat suit) because it's "itchy." She may be the only person in the free world who thinks a brand new sweat suit is itchy.

Yesterday I got my Christmas shopping done. Yeah me!! Well, Husband helped, so Yeah him too. I even got my own gifts. I now own the entire Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (once again, feeding into my love of all things Johnny Depp). Today, Captain Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones have moved into my house. This may end in a trip to the ER. Oh, I hope not.

And finally:

OK, so I've not seen the video, so if it's secretly obscene, let me know. I heard the song yesterday for the first time & Love, love, loved it!!

Look at me, I'm beautiful and glamorous in rubber gloves
Look how my tiara can be bent back to the shape it was
I can do the laundry and make dinner while I'm on the phone
Look at me, I'm sexy as the devil when I mow the lawn

OK, so I never mow the lawn....this may be my new Hot Mama theme song!


Kork said...

I think that should become the Hot Mama song for all of us! How many of us feel the same way??? :) I know I do!

Praying for you and the monsters...I mean kids tonight that they'll perform beautifully.

Sorry Hubby has to work, and will be missing it...

Praying hard for you all as tomorrow comes...HUGS!

a wandering heart said...

Love it! Hope tonight goes well!

Grace said...


Personally I've cried at every single program any of my children have ever done... I'm a big sapp!!
And with you, the veteran's day one they were in back in first grade was a big tear jerker (I actually sobbed), just ask Inkling, she was sitting next me watching two members of her Sara Orange Gang and contemplating leaving her United States of America at the time. Oo, it was rough!!

Mum's the Word said...

Oh, Farm Wife! I am so behind on much has been happening with you! I hope and pray that everything goes well with the program and especially with the surgery. We will all be waiting anxiously for an update. Hang in there and remember that the greatest day of the year is coming soon and I have faith that Bucka will be alive and better to celebrate it with all of you!