November 10, 2014

A post that isn't about books or grief!

I realized today that I haven't written anything other than book reviews in months. Months. Do you know why?

Because Facebook.

Facebook takes all my funny stories and condenses them to tidbits and sends them out to what I believe is  a much larger audience than this blog I rarely inhabit these days. If I post something on Facebook it has the possibility of reaching 731 people (yes, I am friends with everyone I've ever brushed elbows with). If I post something here, it might reach 30 of you....if there are still 30 of you out there....which I doubt.

I am a bad blogger.

But today I want to share good things. Only good things. Good, funny, happy things. And possibly a few mildly inappropriate things.

First of all, Bitsy has learned to curse. It's an important step in the life of a 7 year old girl. We are trying to be, wait....that's not how this story goes. I'll try again.

Bitsy learned to curse. Accidentally.

I was doing whatever it is I do in my free time (ha, ha, I have free time) when the boys start shouting, "Bitsy is cussing! Bitsy is cussing!"

Bitsy immediately jumps to her own defense. "I WAS NOT!!!"

"Yes you were!"
"No I wasn't!"
"Yes, you were!"
You get the drift.

Eventually I stepped in and asked what she said. "She said the 'D' word, Mom," #1 Son tells me.
Again, Bitsy jumps to her own defense, "No I wasn't cussing. All I said was 'dammit.'"
Um. Well. "Bitsy, 'dammit' is cussing."
"But everyone at school says it."
Yes, we're sending our daughter to a progressive school where the staff randomly spew obscenities at the second graders.
"It's still cussing, Bitsy."
*Cue hysterics*
Bitsy falls to pieces- sobbing, bawling, weeping and gnashing of teeth.
"It's OK, honey. Just don't do it anymore."
More weeping and sobbing and a final collapse into her bed until she has the strength to once again face a world where she has done the unthinkable.

New story- We placed our membership in the church we've been attending since July. I am very happy with our decision. I am very happy with where I believe God has placed us. The church has accepted us with open arms, and hymn books (they made me song leader 2 Sundays a month after our second month in church). The kids are loving their classes and youth groups. BabyGirl and I have joined the Christmas Choir. I no longer have to drag myself out of bed on Sundays. I no longer silently hope for a headache that renders me unable to make it to church. I want to be there and I haven't felt that in a long time. I know that's not entirely our old church's fault. Most of it is, infact, my fault. My attitude was not what it should have been. A fresh perspective and certain unhealthy bonds being broken have helped greatly.

On to other things- BabyGirl is in the midst of her last year as a cheerleader. It's bittersweet. She's come into her own. She's enjoying herself and is discovering her leadership abilities as co-captain. I'm proud of her. She's even made the honor roll for the first time in her junior high career. She's struggled since starting 6th grade. It's nice to see her succeed and  be proud of her own accomplishments.

The best news of all is getting stuck in the middle- Princess is expecting again! We all assumed HT was going to be a singleton so it was a huge surprise when he came into QM and Daddy's wearing a t-shirt that said, Only Child: Expiration Date- March 2015. On Halloween she found out baby #2 is going to be a boy child as well. Now I just have to think of a bloggy name to give him. I asked HT if the new baby was going to be awesome like he and I are. "That depends on if the baby can do cool things." Apparently we do cool things.

Speaking of the new baby- Bitsy and I were discussing grandparents and grandchildren one day. She has a perfect grasp of who her grandparents are and why they are her grandparents. The idea of grandchildren is (apparently) much harder to understand. "What is a grandkid?"
"It's what you are to Grammy and Pa. Grandkids are your children's children."
"So I am Grammy and Pa's grandkid?"
"Aunt Princess's new baby will be your grandkid, right?"
"No. It will be my neice or nephew." (This conversation was pre-ultrasound.)
"Who are your grandkids?"
"I don't have any."
"Ohhhhhh, but you'll have them when I- IF I- have kids."
Bingo! The emphasis on "if" made me a bit nervous, but at least now she realizes my nephew isn't going to be my grandson.

And finally, for a bit of Ewwwww and PDA. After church last night we had just finished herding the FarmHands in and attempting to get everyone settled in so they could watch Once Upon a Time before bed. Husband and I were in our bedroom/bathroom doorway when he picked me up, tossed me on the bed, and gave me a big kiss. BabyGirl, from the living room, yells, "I can HEAR you!" Her dad yells back, "So?!" She yells at him to shut the door while I'm laughing so hard I'm about to lose bladder control. He hollers back at her, "At least your parents LIKE EACH OTHER!" I'm pretty sure she'd been happier if we weren't on speaking terms at that moment.

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Kork said...

this is why I love you! Because real life happens, and you're not afraid to share it with us.

Please keep writing...this is so much better than tidbits...