FarmWife Who?

Yes, it's me.  Your friendly neighborhood FarmWife. 

Once upon a time, I was a City Gal.  I was born and raised in mid-sized towns in the mid-west.  Just before those glorious (ha) teenage years, my family relocated to the south where the rest of them still are.  In my early 20's I moved to the country.  I had no plans of making the move permanent until I met FarmBoy (also known as Husband around here). 

FarmBoy and I married 8 months after he asked me out and we lived in a little town near where we now reside.  Much to my dismay, after our first child was born, he was insistent that we move to the country.  The real country.  Where corn grows in places other than back yard gardens and people keep cows....lots and lots of cows.  I thought the culture shock was bad when my family moved south of the Mason Dixon line, but it was nothing compared to leaving towns of 35,000 or more to settle 5 miles outside a town of less than 300.

This blog began as Confessions of a City Gal way back in....I don't know...the late dark ages (Ok, so it was early 2006).  It's purpose was to document the way a dyed in the wool city girl was coping with her new life in the sticks "one goat, chicken, diaper, and casserole at a time."  Eventually, things changed a bit.  Husband wasn't comfortable with my blog title, so a new name was born.  Now, 3+ years later, I'm really glad I listened.

4 years into it, I'm not quite as obsessed with my blog as I was in the beginning, but still very glad I started this journal.  Our children have grown, we've added one, and our adventures are still frequent and thrilling.  I hope you find something here to make you laugh, smile, sigh, or think.  I hope to share my love of the Lord, my family, and life with anyone interested.

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With Love,

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