May 3, 2012

Intense Auburn

Yes, Ladies, it's that time again.  Time to slouch off the sweats, break out the skirts and lip gloss, and let the Hot Mama inside you shine!!

Ordinary Sarah and I were chatting on Facebook a few weeks back & I suggested we break out the defibrillator and give new life to the HMR.  This was a mostly selfish request because for the past few months (Winter is tough on a girl), I've let things slide.  The flat iron is rarely out of the drawer. My foundation has lasted months longer than normal.  I've almost forgotten how to apply eye liner.

This leads me to my HMR question of the week:  What do you do to spice up your look?  What makes you feel shiny and happy again?  When you've had enough of the day-to-day drab, what style fix to you immediately reach for?

Mine is hair dye.  Almost always.  I treat it like lip gloss.  If it's good, it makes me feel like a million bucks. If it's bad, it's only temporary.  I have been every color under the, auburn, brown, black, purple, and an unfortunate blue that turned green.  The only thing I haven't tried is true blond.

In desperate need of a pick-me-up last weekend, I hit the home hair dye aisle at our local Mega Mart.  I decided to go "Intense Auburn" thinking it would be reminiscent of all the times I tried to dye my hair red in college.  It always turned out sort of red with purple undertones.  Apparently they've changed the dye formulas in the past 15 years because "Auburn" wasn't the key word in this dye.  It was "Intense."

In fact, as soon as the towel came off my head, I hopped right back in the shower and shampooed my little heart out.  The Auburn I was so looking forward to had more of a Bozo the Clown tone to it at first.  But after a good shampoo and blow dry, it wasn't too bad.  In fact, 2 days & 2 more shampoos later, I'm really happy with  it.

Husband doesn't understand my need to experiment with color, but he's a boy.  What do they know?

Let's hear it.  What are your go-to look changers?


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Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Woo hoo! HMR!

My instant Hot Mama pick-me-up? Actuallu doing my hair instead of just throwing it up in a ponytail. Oh! And painting my toenails!

FarmWife said...

Oh yeah! Nail polish is an amazing pick-me-up. I think because it's visible to you at all times where as other things are more when I look in the mirror fixes.

Penny said...

hair coloring is good, nail polish is great..for me...a little sunless tan lotion to give those white ghost legs some color! I love the Jergens brand, no orange streaks, just a light glow..makes me feel like a $100 bucks! then I'm off to the dress section of my closet to wear something that goes with my favorite pair of sandals :-)

Kork said...

Lately? There's nothing that's helped, SO, right now, I have to say that all of these ideas are going to be used.

I feel really BLAH right now - too much time spent on other things that took priority over me...

And so I'm seeking something to make me feel HOT again!