May 8, 2012

Mom, the Party Pooper.

BabyGirl brought home a party invitation Friday.  She was so excited.  Two siblings at her school were having a joint party so the kids invited are in 5th and 7th grade.  The invite was a 2 page typed  set of rules for The Hunger Games.  Here's a brief break down:

Rules: How do you eliminate someone?  You put a dot on their head {on the back there was a picture of how big the dot is supposed to be- roughly the size of a half dollar & it must be filled in}.  Once the dot is on your head you're out & you need to sign your name off the list.

Boundaries: Once you are in the woods you STAY in the woods until you are eliminated or win.

You're competing for a prize.  There can be one girl winner and one boy winner.

What to bring: a black marker and a backpack full of snacks, drinks, pen, paper, and bandages (in case you fall down).  No Weapons! They will not be tolerated.

If any contestant gets alarmed or decides they do not want a dot on their head they need to let the enemy know they're out of the game.  Once these words are said, they are out and the enemy needs to put a dot on their head {just a bit contradictory}.

The party is from 12:30 to 4 pm on Saturday.

First of all, if you know nothing about The Hunger Games, it is a book about a post apocalyptic America where the government randomly draws the names of 24 children, puts them in an arena, and makes them fight to the death while the rest of the country watches on television.

BabyGirl was over the moon about this invitation.  First of all, not a lot of parties are thrown for her age group.  Secondly, she's mad about The Hunger Games having read all 3 books.

She couldn't wait until I got home Sunday to show me the information packet about the party.  She wasn't as excited when I told her she couldn't go.

I  want to know what you, as a parent, think of this party idea.


Kork said...

Do you REALLY need me to answer this one?!?!?!?!

Dear Merciful Heavens above! What are the parents of these children thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This is a soapbox I will NOT get on here...
Suffice it to say, you are NOT alone in this "mean Mom" area - I would NEVER allow my children to attend this type of party...sorry BabyGirl!

Anonymous said...

I would say no. The movie left me distraught. I agree with the other commenter. What are they (parents) thinking?

Penny said...

I have not seen the movie or read the book, but the idea of a party about it?? no...these parents need to have their heads and morals examined..great job Mom for being who you are!!