July 24, 2008

We have Rock!

Hooray! #1 Son has passed the rock he swallowed. We are officially done with poop patrol & the little potty. I am glad. Sifting through poo is not my favorite past time.

In less disgusting news, Husband did not get chosen for the jury. He did get a day off work, so that was a blessing. The kids were thrilled. I was relieved. It was all good.

One of these sweeties is going to come home to live with Busha & Bucka in a few weeks. They're about 4 weeks old (we think). There is debate over whether or not to get two pups, but that probably won't be fully settled for a while.

Yesterday I packed the FarmHands up & we took a tour of the country side. We started off at the playground in the little town where they go to school. Then we headed to Busha's to drop off some Amish Friendship bread starter (which I think, if left to it's own devices, could take over the world) and visit for a bit. After that we hit up the playground in the town our address says we live in. On the way home from there, we passed by Lexi's house (she's Unkie Di's cousin). Lexi was riding horses with her cousins. When we stopped & said hi she asked if I had the kids in van. When I said yes she asked if they wanted to ride her pony. The kids were thrilled.

Lexi has two miniature horses that she's trained. They pull a cart & the largest can be ridden by small children. Lexi got on Dove first and her feet nearly touched the ground as she rode around the yard. Then she took each of the three oldest FarmHands on a trip around the yard. They were in seventh heaven.

Then we headed to Uncle E's to tell J about all the fun we'd had.

It was a good day!


Terri said...

cute puppies!
Your son swallowed a rock??!?!?!
And then you had to check his pooh for it???!!!!!
Never a dull moment for us moms eh?

Ahuva Batya said...

HI, I found your blog through a comment you made on Lovely Listing. I've enjoyed reading through it.