July 23, 2008

Two down, two to go

I took #1 Son to the eye doctor today. He did so well. He was quiet. He was well behaved. He was an exceptional child.

The eye doctor kept checking & rechecking what he'd already done. Finally he says to me, "I'm just trying to convince myself I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing." To which I replied, "His sister started wearing glasses in first grade." "Well, that would explain a lot." #1 Son, like his sister, is near sighted. Most children their ages are naturally far sighted. We went through the same thing when I took BabyGirl in for her eye exam last spring.

The state of Illinois has passed new regulations stating a child must have an eye exam to begin kindergarten. Dr.Brown told me that in the influx of kids getting ready for school, #1 Son's only the second or third kid he's seen who's near sighted.

I think my kids are just trying to keep up with Art's kids in the glasses department. It makes me wonder if I should take B.B. in for an exam. Since neither BabyGirl nor #1 Son need their glasses for more than far off work/watching movies, I don't think I'm going to rush into getting the wild man a pair of glasses! I wonder how long before all 4 are in glasses.......

Bitsy has been very busy today. She's dumped her toy bucket, danced around the living room, put on her sunglasses & passed out kisses, loved her baby dolls, "talked" to the dogs, eaten all her siblings' Capt'n Crunch for snack, played peek-a-boo, yelled at anyone who's left the room, climbed up on her toy bucket, run squealing around the arm chair, and wallowed all over me. She's having a fabulous day. Now if only she'd take a nap without being held. I'm not enjoying that new development.

#1 Son still has not passed the "rock" he swallowed. I called Doc on Monday to ask when I should start to worry. He said it could take up to a week. I'm tired of being on poop watch. And I think #1 Son's tired of pooping on the little potty chair. He is five years old after all. It was fun (for him) the first few days, but now it's just "Fat guy in a little coat" on a blue plastic toilet.

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