July 25, 2008

Bless their berry pickin' little hearts.

Last week #1 Son was dragging a 5 gallon red bucket around the back yard. When I asked what he was doing he said, "Pickin' black berries so you can make me a pie." A few minutes later he drags his bucket to me & says, "Mommy, it's too hot to pick berries anymore. Is this enough for your pie?" I looked down in the bucket to find 4 black berries rolling around in the bottom. "Sorry, Bud. I need a few more than that." "Oh. Well, I'll pick more another day. You keep these."

One day B.B. & BabyGirl were picking berries for me. When they brought me their one gallon ice cream bucket there were about 12-14 berries in the bottom. It looked like there had been quite a few more at some point. "What happened to the rest of my berries?" I asked. "Oh, B.B. and I ate them." I will never get enough berries for a pie because B.B. eats everything he sees. None of his berries ever make it into the bucket.

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