March 24, 2008

We have a Winner...

First of all, I must announce that Ang won the pot. I got to take the truck (all by myself mind you) and drive the entire 1 mile to Uncle E's house yesterday afternoon to return movies NM lent me. But when I got there no one was home to share in my triumph. Ahhh me. So Ang is the proud recipient of $325,000 virtual dollars. Enjoy the spoils, girl!

If you're looking for a good movie to watch this week, try August Rush. It was excellent. I may watch it again this afternoon.

Only two days of Spring Break left. I wonder if we'll survive...

The Queen Mother and Art the Omnipotent left for their vacation yesterday. I miss them already. They live 5 hours from me, so it's not like I see them everyday...and they both have cell phones, so it's not like I won't be able to talk to them either. I only wish I could go lay on the beach with them for a few hours this week.

I am rather embarrassed to admit this, but part of my issues yesterday stemmed from the fact that the FarmHands broke my rocking chair. Not a big one that I use little one that I got for my first Christmas (maybe). It's been well loved & well used. It made me sad, adding to the melancholy.

Last night I decided to put in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to watch with the FarmHands. The way that movie (and book) explain Christ's sacrifice really helps make it real for them. They fully understand that Aslan died in Edmund's place & why. When I link it back to what Jesus did for us, they are amazed. I may make this a tradition in our house...along with hiding empty eggs.

Really, what's the point in filling 60 eggs with candy only to dump the candy all back out in a communal candy bowl? I don't let the kids do the dumping or the filling, so why bother? If I'm going to give them candy (which I really may stop doing all together) why not just put it in their baskets & let them find empty eggs. They don't care if there's anything in them....

Well, I'm off to referee the FarmHands who've done nothing but fight this morning.

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Anonymous said...

The pot goes to Farmwife's Quad, Airfare for your entire family to visit Inkling in Canada, airfare for Graces family to be at Canada, Airfare for Silver Belle's Family to go to Canada, and Airfare for her parents and brothers to visit her.

If any monies are left over I'll use a little to go see My friends Richard and Laura and Beth and Claudia and Grace and Farmwife and Inkling and say thank you for cheering me on in my "finding me project"