March 25, 2008

Call me Martha

My heart is currently breaking for my dear friend Mrs. X. Her car on the roller coaster of infertility has been docked at the D&C station. She'll be leaving the park for a few months of life outside of the clinic. Please keep her in your prayers.

In order to combat my growing meloncholy, I shall make a list of good things today...but before I start, I must say to my dearest friend in the world, "Boys are icky & should have rocks thrown at them."

Now, on to the good things:

  1. BabyGirl loves having SPD. Seriously, Ya'll.

  2. Trips to town with Busha.

  3. Little girls in their new swim suits (who cares if it's only 64 degrees outside, she's cute) dancing the Tango.

  4. Future employment for my daughter (Mr.Jack said she can work for him when she grows down, three to go).

  5. Mini-trampolines that work better than play pens. They're more fun, open floor plan, and she can't figure out how to get down, so she just sets & plays.

  6. Wild Cherry M&M's!! Oy.

  7. I can sew. That means a weighted blanket that would cost close to $100 can be made at home for a fraction of the price.

  8. Flat iron & pommade for my hair.

  9. Or foam wax, a diffuser for my dryer, & embracing the wave (that's another Hot Mama post all together).

  10. Last day of Spring Break!!

  11. Nap time.

  12. August Rush & Dan in Real Life.

  13. Wild Cherry M&M's!! Did I say that already?

  14. The stack of books on my chest-of-drawers.

  15. Spring is slowly but surely creeping up on us.

  16. I have a dish washer.

  17. Dinosaur World.

  18. The Across the Universe Soundtrack in my van & on my computer!!!

  19. Audry Hepburn. You know, I've never seen Paris When it Sizzles.

  20. Baby kisses.

An even 20 is a good start. Want to play along?

1 comment:

a wandering heart said...

I was wondering about the wild cherry m & m's... I'll have to try them since you liked them. They sounded like they could be really good or really bad.