January 6, 2008

Spanky Pants for Pups & a Hot Fudge Nightmare

"Oh wow, Lilly! I like your Do-do Dora pants. Dem are nice Do-do Dora pants. Mommy, why is Lilly wearing Dora pants?" Yeah, anyone out there want to field the questions about dogs in heat? They're still marveling over the fact that Luke has two wives.

Yesterday Husband came in the house & asked if I was up to a trip to DQ with the kiddos. The plan was to order many different kinds of ice cream & let everyone share (maybe this is why we all get sick together). The kids were thrilled with the idea until they were told to pick up their rooms. BabyGirl tackled hers head on (who are you & what have you done with my daughter), but the boys collapsed under the weight of responsibility.

When it came time to get dressed (it was 1:30 in the afternoon), BabyGirl went into full meltdown. I know you think I'm exaggerating, but this kid could give Joan Crawford a run for her money. Sustained screaming & flailing the entire 15 miles to town. No joke. She can really suck the joy out of an outing. But the best part is that once the van was parked & she had to get out, all was well in the world. Sunshine & Roses. She smiled & chatted with the cashier, "I'd like a banana split, please." Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde much? And the child who screamed, "I'm itchy! It's too hot for clothes!!" all the way to town was freezing 1/2 way through her banana split. "Can I use Bitsy's blanket? I'm really cold!"
Note to self: Stop ordering Peanut Buster Parfaits. Just order a small hot fudge sundae with peanuts. Then you won't have leftovers in the freezer for 3 days.


Anonymous said...

oh my quite the day..I haven't been to DQ in years.

Sarah said...

I love the way you write, Farm Wife. You have had one heck of a time recently, haven't you? I'm sending you a hug xxx S