January 7, 2008

Three A E am (wasn't that in a song once?)

Did you know USA shows Law & Order: Criminal Intent at 3 am? Everyday. I'm getting caught up on the series & developing a new attitude about Mr. D'Onofrio.

Bitsy had to get up & practice her crawling. She may forget how to do it if she goes an entire 6 hours without a trip around the living room floor.

I am thrilled to report that for the first time in a month (or so) we are now done with antibiotics. I just gave Bitsy her last dose (at 2 am because I forgot before bedtime). Now lets just hope the doctors appointments we have this week go smoothly. BabyGirl & #1 Son see their ENT on Wednesday to have their tubes checked. Bitsy has vaccines & a well baby check on Friday. After that I'm resolved to have at least one week with no doctors appointments or trips to the ER...preferably a full month!

School is back in session in about 5 hours. That gives B.B., Bitsy, & me 3 hours each morning to ourselves (Husband is normally outside doing his chores). I wonder if I can get anything accomplished during that time? My guess is I'll nap to make up for blogging at 3 am.


Brando said...

Wanted to let you know that Yin's tubes have finally worked out of her ears, and it is kinda funny becuase she is not used to pressure when she sneezes or coughs. Sometimes she will sneeze and then grab at her ears and say they feel funny.

It will be 3 years in March since they went in and they were such a help to her.

Good luck at your appointment

Anonymous said...

good luck on your appointments.

Margot said...

Good luck, I'm hoping really hard it will be over for a long - as long as possible - time now...