June 22, 2012

Bless her little heart.

There's a little boy from school who's had to have heart valve replacement surgery this summer.  We've been praying for him and talking about him a lot the past week or so.  He's going into first grade and is the sweetest little boy you'd ever want to meet.

Today we picked up some art goodies for him at the store to help keep him happily occupied this summer.  We're planning on taking them to him sometime this week.  Bitsy got a bit bent out of shape about giving him stuff when she wasn't getting anything (such a generous heart that one has, ha, ha, ha).  I explained that we were getting him some art stuff because he can't go outside and run around and play and go swimming this summer like she can.  "Why not?"

"Well, because A had to have surgery, sweetie."

"Like you did, Mommy?"

"Sort of.  But I just had to have a little cut in my belly.  He's had to have a big cut in his chest.  It's going to take A a lot longer to get better than it's taken me."

"Why did A have to have a big cut on his chest?"

"Because part of his heart needed to be fixed so he had heart surgery."

Then Bitsy got very quite and though rather hard for a bit.  "Mommy, does A still love Jesus?"

I was seriously taken back by this.  "What, Baby?"

"Does A still love Jesus?"

Then it sunk in.  "Do you mean because he had to have heart surgery and Jesus lives in our hearts?"

"Yes.  Does Jesus still live in A's heart even after the doctors did surgery?"

"Yes, Baby.  Jesus still lives in A's heart just like He lives in yours.  Doctors cannot take Jesus out of our hearts."

"OK.  Good." And off she went.

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Kork said...

This brought tears to my eyes - what a precious heart Bitsy has...