December 14, 2010

Wii wish you a merry Christmas.

After about 3 years of debating, Husband and I decided to get the FarmHands a Wii for Christmas (shhhh, don't tell). It will be the one & only gaming system in our house. Someday I might let them have a Kinect, but I'm pretty opposed to the traditional zone out while exercising only your thumbs gaming systems. Besides, I'm horrible at them. With the exception of Centipede (remember that one?) I never could get the hand eye coordination down....not even for Pac-Man.

The kids have been begging for a Wii ever since J got his a few years back. We didn't think they were quite coordinated for one and were not prepared to break up fights all day long. I'm still not keen on that idea, but we need something physical to keep them entertained this winter. The Wii was much cheaper than the Kinect and more age appropriate in my opinion.

But since Husband and I are completely clueless about video games, we need some help. What games would be good for our heathens? BabyGirl is 9 1/2 now, #1 Son is 7 1/2, and B.B. is 6. Bitsy's still too young to take into consideration when choosing games. I know what games I'd like. I have my heart set on a Sims game and the Wii Zumba....but will have to wait on those. First we need something to entertain the FarmHands. We have the basic Wii (no Wii fit). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

the dancing ones are fun..There are some disney ones that would be fun for your farm hands.

Baseball (I think it's wii sports)
kids might like high school musical

HeatherInTheBoro said...

Ethan and I love the Wii and I am seriously inept at video games... He plays Star Wars and Transformers alot, but the best games for us together are wii sports and wii play. I have heard great things about resort and carnival. Personally I want jeopardy and wheel of fortune.

Kork said...

Sorry - I'll NEVER be a fan of Mario anything...

There are a bunch of Dance ones, just make sure if you get one, you get the package with any special equipment you might need.
I personally LOVE the Fit - there are some fun things on there the kids will be surprisingly good at, but it's another $90 or so.
We have Family Game Night with such fun games as Connect 4, Battleship, Sorry and several others. The nice thing is that you can play the games, and there are NO pieces to lose or game boards to break...
Sports and Sports Resort are a blast! There's also one that's an archery game, but the whole shooting things might not be so good for the FarmHands.
Whatever you do, do NOT buy any rechargeable packs for the controllers - they will void the warranties. Just boy stock in Duracell or Energizer now, and stock up like crazy!!!!
You know another cool thing about it? You can get Netflix through it now...check that out!

Brando said...

I recommend one of the just dance. There is a Just dance kids.

They dont stop the worst player they all finish at the same time.

My kids love it (and so do I)