September 8, 2010

Homeschooling pipe dream

If you don't read Ordinary Days, you really should. Sarah is charming, witty, funny, creative, and a wonderful mother. Last year she undertook Homeschooling her three the same time she was expecting their fourth child & first girl. Her homeschooling style sounds heavenly. She & her kids take walks, play outside, tinker around the house and all the time she weaves learning into their every day lives.

I have often dreamed of my children sitting at our table with papers, pencils, and books spread out around them a la Dugger Family Homeschool. Bubba & Princess were homeschooled through Junior High & High School. I had grand plans for it myself. But when we ended up in a little school in a little school district with low teacher/student ratios, I changed my mind.

And there was also the issue of BabyGirl & the isolation that was already setting in 5 years ago. BabyGirl was never away from Husband or myself. She had no friends her own age. Our church family was also our blood family. There wasn't much opportunity for her to meet other kids or socialize so I though Pre-K was very important...and it might help her keep her clothing on.

Now, 5 years & 3 kids in school later, part of me wishes homeschooling was an option for us. I think the boys would have no real problems adapting to mom as a teacher. BabyGirl would fight the idea tooth & nail & probably eat ground glass before giving in & admitting I am capable of teaching addition.

The though of doing school work when we want to and not on someone else's schedule is heavenly. The thought of getting our work done in 4 hours as opposed to the 8 hours it takes them in school is bliss. The thought that I wouldn't have to worry about #1 Son learning such touching phrases as "I'm gonna' kick your ass!" makes me warm & fuzzy......but then.....

Then BabyGirl comes home with 3 pages of homework that should take her 45 minutes tops and we're still working on it 4 hours later and I toss all my homeschool dreams in the trash. It's not that she's really struggling with the material. It's that she's struggling with me. And locking horns with me. And butting heads with me. And fighting tooth and nail with me. Over what? Any & Everything.

One minute she's screaming at me to get out of her room because I don't know what I'm talking about and I don't understand what she's trying to do. 20 minutes later she's asking for my help on the same problem and listening attentively while I explain to her that she added 24 to 56 instead of subtracting it.

Besides, at school she has to wear real clothes & not just my old tank tops & a pair of PJ shorts.

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Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Oh! I could just kiss you right on the mouth! :)