September 11, 2010


I'm pretty sure anyone you asked today could tell you exactly where they were & what they were doing nine years ago today.

I was bathing BabyGirl in her infant tub in the kitchen sink. I'm pretty sure she'd had a diaper blow out or some such thing since I normally bathed her at night before putting on her jammies. She was a little over 3 months old. When the phone rang, I let Husband get it since I was up to my elbows in wet baby & Johnson's Baby Wash. He talked to his mother for a few minutes then hung up & went about his business.

When I was finished with BabyGirl's bath he said, "That was mom. She said someone attacked New York. Something about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center?" My first thought, honestly was You've got to be kidding....and not in the That's horrible, I just cannot accept it as fact way. It was in the snide teenage What-ever way. You see, MIL is a bit prone to exaggeration and fact confusion. I didn't think it was possible that anyone would attack New York so there was no way she'd gotten this story right.

I flipped on the television to see what was going on that she could possibly confuse with some kind of attack. Husband and I spent the next 5 hours watching the news. We watched as the second plane hit. We watched as the towers fell. We watched as the world changed in front of our eyes.

I didn't shed a tear. I was too shocked to cry. I clung to BabyGirl and sat in a state of total disbelief as the tragedy unfolded. When Husband left for work, I loaded up BabyGirl and headed 30 minutes away to Bucka & Busha's. I was terrified to be left alone that day with the carnage on CNN. To this day, those images still haunt me.

Today I will pray for the survivors. I will pray for the children about to turn nine who never met their fathers and the children who lost their mothers. I will pray for the parents who had to do the unthinkable when they laid their children to rest. I will pray for the spouses who had to carve out a new life without their partners.

I will never forget.


Sarah said...

I will never forget either.It was lunchtime here & I was at my hairdresser's house.I didn't get my hair cut, we sat together sobbing as we watched. I could not believe what I was seeing. Could not understand.There are no words.xx

Kork said...

Amen. I had taken a week off work as BB's parents were coming to town, and I'd taken a leisurely morning to sleep in before meeting up with them for lunch and dinner...My mom called and asked if I was watching TV...and I will never forget the sights, sounds, and words that met my eyes as I stayed glued to the television the rest of that day...

The oddest memory I have of that day is our decision to travel to a neighboring town to visit a big box store we didn't yet have to purchase some things for BB's house, and staring in disbelief at the people that were lined up around the block and down the street to fill the fuel tanks of their vehicles...thinking how crazy they were, that nothing could top what had happened...

And I thought of what it must have been like for my grandparents as they listened in to the broadcasts about Pearl Harbor...

I will never forget. I prayed with every breath on Saturday for those who lost family members and loved ones, for those who continue to fight against that type of evil, and for those who sit with anger and bitterness in their hearts. I pray for the next generation - that they'll NEVER know what it is like to see something like that.