September 7, 2010

"I'm like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live."

I bordered on geek in high school. OK, so maybe 'bordered' is the wrong word. Maybe I was fully submersed in the geek culture but in denial. I was in the flag corps in marching band & loved it. I was a drama geek at the local arts center & loved it. I played Rosalind in While Shakespeare Slept. I played Kimberly in Much Ado About Murder. I played Emily in Our Town. I lived for Phantom of the Opera and Monty Python. I could recite (and still can) the majority of The Princess Bride by heart. My friends and I spoke in movie quotes & song lyrics. We could be counted on to randomly burst into song/skit/dance/general goofiness at any given moment.

I miss it. I miss opening night jitters. I miss belting out Disney songs with a group of friends in a church parking lot after 9 on a Friday night. I miss having people around who understand my love of Monty Python (how can you not laugh at "And now for something completely different?"). I miss sitting in a room full of friends & understanding the random movie quotes thrown out from no where.

When Art was here we watched an episode of Glee. "Can you imagine what we'd have been like in high school if we'd have had Glee to watch?" It makes me giddy just to imagine it. We might have turned in our Disney Extravaganzas for 80's pop & one hit wonders. Sue Sylvester would have been our hero. We all have a little Rachel Berry in us.

We could have been Gleeks.

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Layla said...

This flooded me with memories. And made me smile. :)