April 5, 2010

Three days in & still no end in sight.

My wonderful, loving, overworked husband had a 3 day weekend off work. The weather was fabulous & he got to spend all of his time out of doors.

Building the play house from Hades.

And it's still not done.

Bless his heart.

We both know that once it is finished & the FarmHands can be turned loose on it, it will be worth all the time & effort spent on it, but in the midst of the blood (his), sweat (ours), and tears (the FarmHands') it's tempting to douse the entire thing with lighter fluid & set a match to it.

Yesterday was The Curly Slide Debacle of 2010. 140 or so bolts (my words to QM were "A hundred & a heck of a lot"), twice the number of washers, 18 or so giant yellow pieces of plastic, and around 6 hours of "This isn't right. This can't be right. Let's take it down & do it this way. This doesn't make sense. Check those instructions again. This is too heavy! Wait, no, the other way. Crap, that's wrong. Why won't this work? Gah!!!" and it's almost finished.....the slide that is. There's still monkey bars to assemble & attach and the entire swing set portion to build.

We may be finished before BabyGirl out grows it. But then again, maybe not.

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Aimee said...

I completely understand. It took my dear husband a couple of months to complete ours, as he worked on it during rain-free weekends (a rarity here last summer/fall). He'll finish it before you know it, and believe me, it WILL be worth it!