April 7, 2010

Giving you the run down

We've thrown in the proverbial towel on the play set....at least until this weekend. All that's left is the swing set portion. Since they already have a swing set, it was saved till last.

Friday B.B., Bitsy and I are headed to the STL for B.B.'s post-op follow up. Inkling is lounging about in St. Louis at her parent's house awaiting an appointment to start her state side treatment for the birth injuries she suffered when Grasshopper made his grand entrance to the world. That means I'm going to get to see my favorite Canadian cousin!!

Unfortunately, she's reached the point where she cannot wait for Canada's health care system to decide she can have her "elective surgery" so she can heal properly. That means she & Henry David had to make the tough decision to send her home to get the help she needs. The good thing is, this means she will be getting help instead of waiting & jumping through hoops. It also means she'll have the support of her family while recovering. But it means she'll have to spend time away from her husband as he'll have to get home to work.

It also means they have to come up with the money for her surgery out of pocket. If you can & would like to help them out, she has put a Pay Pal button on her public blog. I know she & Henry David would be very thankful.... as would I.

So now I have to crawl my way out from under the mess my house has become since Spring Sprung around here. It's tough to keep up an immaculate (ha!) home when you're spending all your time pulling weeds, playing in the yard, gathering eggs, and riding ATVs. Somehow, when we're not here, the house ends up messier than when we are here. Go figure. I'm sure spending 2 days straight doing laundry hasn't helped....although the giant pile of pretty new towels in my linen closet, thanks to QM, makes me very happy.

And with that, I'm off. Enjoy.

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