April 14, 2010

Because I'm a career minded mother.

I've put together a life plan this week. When Bitsy starts kindergarten, I'm going to trade school. To be more specific, I'm going to train to be a plumber....and possibly a heating & air conditioner repair person.

Why, you ask? Because I've had a slow water leak in my hot water closet for 3 weeks now. I've called 3 plumbers. Two never returned my call, one told me it would be at least 2 weeks before he could come out & take a look. (One actually called back today & plans on coming by tomorrow to give us a quote.....we'll see if he shows up.)

On top of that, in our area, they can charge between fifty and seventy dollars an hour. I could do that. I could work 4 hours a day while the FarmHands are at school & make a minimum of $1000 a week. Eventually Husband could quit his job & become a kept man.

Sweet Dreams are made of PVC pipe & plumbers putty.

In other, slightly less rambling news, the Play House from Hades is complete. The FarmHands are loving it. Pa has a picture on his desktop at work that has caused him to be ostracized by his co-workers. One in particular because his wife saw the picture & said, "See? That's what it's supposed to look like. Not in boxes in the basement!"

Today, B.B. informed me that we don't have enough things to do in our yard. "We only have 1-2-3-4-5 things. That's not a lot." I told him I was sure his Grammy & Pa & Daddy would be thrilled to hear that. Mostly it was because his sister was swinging in the swing he wanted to be in.

For the record, there are 7 swings in our yard. 7 swings, 4 slides, a climbing wall, monkey bars, a tree house, playhouse with a picnic table, sand box, log fort, and a tepee. Oh wait, I'm forgetting the kick-ball/t-ball field by the pond, the creek & "climbing tree," an assortment of animals, bikes, mini-trampoline, and various outdoor toys. Yeah, they're really deprived children. There's absolutely nothing to do around here.

It's also boring at Disney World. And the Circus is a giant snooze. And don't even get me started on water parks.

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zann said...

I'm already encouraging Kara toward trade school. Especially every time I think of how low funded her college fund is because her two college grad parents majored in something that doesn't bring in a great load of cash. It's fun... but not much money in it. I'm hoping she'll find plumbing, auto repair or electricianing fun - that apparently is where the money is.