April 15, 2010

She's so fashion.

Art's niece is a clothing junkie. She loves getting new clothes & cries when it's time to pass them down. I love that she's the same age as HT, so pieces of her fabulous wardrobe gets passed down to Bitsy.

When Art's niece gets dressed up, she declares, "I am so fashion." I love it.

Bitsy has hit that horrible stage that all children go through when they're not quite big enough for the next size up, but too big for the size they've most recently been in. Bitsy's walking the fine line between 2T and 3T. That means her drawers are overflowing with a collection of both sizes.

Today was the official, get out the giant tubs of clothes handed down from BabyGirl & sort them out for Bitsy's use day. I hate these days. They always feel so daunting. I think I'm going to have to spend hours & hours & hours surrounded by clothes of every shape, size, and season while I sneeze uncontrollably & chase children & dogs out of the room.

In reality, it only took about an hour & turned out to be fun. I'd forgotten all the clothing BabyGirl had that she rarely wore. Now Bitsy can remedy that. The red t-shirt dress with black polka-dots & ladybug buttons bought by Grammy that says 4T but fits like a 3T will finally get worn out of the house. The My Little Pony tank top & shorts sent up by Princess will be truly loved. And pajamas....ahhhh, the pajamas. BabyGirl did wear them quite a bit, but Bitsy's little eyes lit up like the Fourth of July when she saw the "new" night gown she got to wear to bed tonight.

She is so fashion.

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Staci said...

I agree that sorting is a daunting task.

I'm on boy #3. He's 6, and he's a lot bigger than his older brothers were at the same age. I've been mostly lucky enough to just move things from one closet to another. But, that kind of took away the excitement factor because he remembers seeing them on his older brother.