September 5, 2009

So, what was I saying?

A thistle. We were collecting seeds & plant pictures for BabyGirl's first real project for school: the third grade seed collection. It should be assembled this weekend.

I've been perusing the posts I've left for your enjoyment over the past few weeks, and all I can say is, "Can you find it in your hearts to forgive me?!" The drivel is making my head hurt. Do you really care that I shampooed my carpets? Does it lift your spirits to hear that I defrosted my freezers? Is your day better because I shared my need for exfoliated heels? I highly doubt it.

In an attempt to revive my blog to its former glory I will share a few exploits of the FarmHands & a few mildly interesting things that have happened lately.

BabyGirl cut her bangs. Eight years old & this is the first time she's ever attempted such a thing. I was so far beyond aggravated with her. At first I didn't think it was too bad; it was only a half an inch above her eyebrows. And then I got a good look at it....there's a tuft of hair about 1/4 of an inch long surrounding her cowlick right in the middle of her forehead. Have I mentioned she's going to be the flower girl in Bubba's wedding in 3 weeks? Creative hair styling has been taking place around here & I think we'll be able to hide it....I hope.

The spread at the wedding shower I hosted for Beck 2 weeks ago. I tried posting this picture then, but blogger hated me.

Bitsy just peed on my kitchen floor. Yeah. Fun. She's all about the potty training. Let me tell you. Mostly she likes running around naked (sound like anyone else we know? BabyGirl?) & sitting on the potty without producing anything noteworthy. Believe me, if there were noteworthy things in her potty, you'd have heard about it. Isn't that what blogs are for?

#1 Son & BabyGirl checking out the cacti in BabyGirl's class room at the school open house last week. BabyGirl was standing right in front of the sign that read, "Do not touch cactus," while she was poking the plants.

The three older FarmHands have an ongoing super hero game. No less than 15 times a day I hear one of them ask, "Hey, guys, remember our game?" followed by a brief argument about which child is the possessor of which super power, what everyone's name is, who their parents are/were, and who's already dead "in the game." Currently BabyGirl is wearing head phones & pretending to be deaf. The boys keep asking her, "What kind of super power is that?"

B.B. is now the proud owner of 2 Iron Man mini-frisbees. He got both of them from the treasure chest at school in exchange for "being good tokens." I cannot explain the relief I feel. I had convinced myself we'd be at the top of the Principal's speed dial by this time.

I picked up The Chronicles of Narnia at a second hand store today for $6. They're in excellent shape. I was thrilled. Yeah for winter reading!

Husband has had to work every Saturday for the biggest part of the summer. It's not been much fun. It's only left us Sunday afternoons to spend with him & he's had to spend most of them mowing our massive yard. Yesterday he sent me an email from work telling me he has today off. Today, Tomorrow, and Monday! I am so excited I could pop! I can't remember the last time he had 3 days off in a row....maybe July?

And with that, I'm off to enjoy my weekend clean my house. Should have thought of that earlier in the week....oh well.


needlefingers said...

Gee, aren't we glad Farmboy's employer felt there were far too many workers out there and got rid or a bunch of them? Oh yes, excellent business acumen on their part. :( Glad he's getting a bit of a breather away from there.

Mom is enjoying her 'forced retirement' though, except for the 'no money' part of it. ;)

Queen Mother said...

FarmBoy can enjoy a few days in the sunny south come Christmas day

Kork said...

you're funny...everyone has those times when it seems as though NOTHING has happened but the least, that is all we can focus on...and you know what? I LIKE knowing that other people are sort of "stuck" in the day-to-day living...

That being said, I am SO glad to hear that your B.B. is LOVING school!!! Maybe he just needed some focus for that mind of his...

Lots of hugs as the wedding approaches, and you prepare for your trip. One word about that drive - Benadryl. But only because people frown on giving your children whiskey for some reason...