September 3, 2009

bits & pieces

This spotty Internet connection thing is getting on my last, rapidly fraying nerve. I may strangle someone from Peoplepc support live chat soon. I wonder if a crappy Internet connection is grounds for justifiable homicide? Maybe I should just take another Prozac.

In HUGE news, B.B. is loving pre-k. I mean LOVING it. And Mama is loving that. He's been good, he sings all the songs, he chatters about his new's all good.

And this room mom thing isn't such a big deal. I send in a Snack Calendar once a month & will get to be involved with the field trip next spring. Sweet.

What do I get for naming one of my parakeets after a teenage vampire? A parakeet that likes to sleep hanging upside down from the top of his cage. I kid you not.

Bitsy has decided to randomly sit on the big toilet. Not that she does anything when she's there, but she still sits. And then declares herself a "Big Girl!"

I'm running out of things to add to my Netflix que. Any suggestions? We're flying through NCIS season 6 & Heroes season 3 is up next. Husband keeps saying he wants to get rid of Netflix & get satellite again. I have mixed emotions. Yes, I miss TLC, History, and HGTV, but I do not miss Spongebob Squarepants or The Micky Mouse Club House....and I would rather watch Syd the Science Kid (Gag) on PBS than The Doodlebops on Disney any day.

I am officially confused when it comes to my children's teachers. B.B. & #1 Son are in classes BabyGirl has been in before, we're repeating teachers & for some reason, I can't keep anything straight. I have to stop & think before answering any questions about what grade the kids are in. Early onset senility?

Bubba is counting down the days/hours/minutes to his wedding. It's so funny! I'm looking forward to a few nights at my parents' house & a quick visit with Art (who had a birthday yesterday....Happy Birthday, My Dearest Friend!).

Bitsy has lost her voice. If she wasn't so pitiful, she'd be funny!

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