September 8, 2009

We have poop (and a bit of produce)

In the potty, no less (the poop, not the produce)! Not to say the diapers have been retired, but we are making progress. Today we got a DVD in the mail about potty training from Pull-ups. I think you can still get a free DVD by signing up at if anyone has a little one getting ready to potty train. We have big plans to watch it tonight. Bitsy's been proudly sporting big girl panties on & off for the past few weeks (but never out of the house). She's called Grammy/Ray-ray/Busha half a dozen times in the past few days to tell them about her potty triumphs.

I'm wondering what I'll do with myself when I don't have to buy diapers bi-monthly. I've been buying diapers for 8 years & 3 months. I'm not sure I can stop now. Maybe someone has meetings....D.A.

Our garden wasn't a complete waste this year...."complete" being the operative word here. Husband planted enough corn, greenbeans, and watermelon in the spring to feed the entire population of Somalia. After the exceptionally wet & cool summer we've had, I put up 7 quarts of corn & 13 quarts of greenbeans. Yeah for me. :P Luckily we still have corn left over from last summer, so the FarmHands won't starve. Oh, and for some odd reason I missed the fact that I still have 8 rabbits in the freezer! I've been buying chicken for 3 months because I thought I'd cooked all our rabbits. Guess I should have thawed the freezer out sooner.

Now if only my hens would start laying. Then we'd be practically self sufficient. Well, not really.

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Terri said...

D.A. - I love it!! Can I send you my address for a large portion of canned goods? :o)