November 22, 2008

Today is fresh with no mistakes in it....yet.

Bitsy decided at 5:30 this morning she had slept plenty long enough, thank you. So while her dad was getting ready to go freeze his hiney off in a tree stand, she was stationed at the back door supervising his progress.

So far none of the other FarmHands have stirred. I know this peace is short lived, but I am praying it's sustained through our day today. Yesterday, not so much.

My home is clean. My muscles ache from the process, but I am happy. A roast is simmering away in my crock-pot soon to be accompanied by an onion, some carrots, and a few potatoes. Laundry needs to be started. The dogs bedding washed.

At some point today my Aunt Anita/Silverbelle & my Uncle Greenteeth will be at my house as will the Queen Mother (she's on her way home following a funeral). Thanksgiving is nearly here which means a trip to Grandma M&M's, good food, and seeing lots & lots of folks I love...and getting to meet Inkling's newest nephew for the first time.

Things are looking up & I am resolved to keep that in mind today.


Anonymous said...

please give aunt anita and queen mum a hug for me..thinking of all of you alot these days.

Kork said...

Lots of hugs to everyone, and praying that Farmboy will bring home a big ol load of meat for the Farmhands to consume over the winter!