October 21, 2008

No, wait, there's more!

A continuation of the pictorial essay below entitled "Why I need a new coat."

I am no longer in the high school marching band flag corp (name blocked out to protect the innocent):

I am no longer a student at NRMS:

And yes, Art has a good point (see the comments in my last post). I do have some lovely coats. Including a beautiful ivory coat QM & Daddy bought me for Christmas when I was pregnant with Bitsy and a navy blue & forest green dress coat I've had since college....BUT, I do not have a cute casual coat. One to throw on to get the kids from school or run to the grocery. An every day coat. Besides, the fabulous ivory coat Art's harassing me about is a spring/fall weight coat & not suitable for truly cold weather. So there. Pbth. I still need a new coat.
Pictures by B.B. Hence the blurriness. Hey, he's only four. Give him a break!
Come to think of it, almost all of my coats are hand-me-downs. The school coats were bought for me (one when I was 11...and yes, it still fits....and the other when I was 15) and the leather jacket was bought for me. In my defence the biker jacket was bought during my grunge phase when I wore everything about 3 sizes too big.


Kork said...

I still want the leather...and besides...my birthday is coming up, so you should send it to me as a gift! Yeah, that's it...tell FarmBoy you had to give me the leather for my birthday present, due to some long-ago pact and now you need a new coat...and you'll happily donate all those other coats to the poor and needy...you know, the ones that frequent your driveway...or something like that. :D

Queen Mother said...

you must keep the leather. your kids will need it for dress up days when they are in high school.
along with you jr high and high school coats.

then your grandkids might want them

Inkling said...

Don't listen to your mother. Keeping those, while tempting to my sentimental heart, just means one thing.....clutter! I say, sell them on Ebay and buy yourself a sexy new coat that fits.

Okay, don't really take my advice. You should listen to your mother, unless she is telling you to go play in the street with oncoming traffic. Still, trust me on this one, getting rid of clutter is the first step to becoming the exact opposite of my landlord. Perhaps that is why God let us move here. He knew I was a clutter bug at heart, and He had to save me from eternal destruction of the clutter kind. I am in the process of being reformed and changed, and it feels good. So, would you like me to mail you old magazines and clothing of mine from the 90's? Hee hee.

Seriously, woman, tell your husband he can live without a Christmas gift this year, and that your gift to him will be a new coat for you. If he finds that too boring, you could always tell him that the gift part comes in when you reveal that the coat is the only thing you are wearing.

Am I in trouble yet? =)

Gail said...

We have a place in town that has a coat drive every year for those who need one. Maybe donating these would help you feel better about getting rid of them. Also they may take all yours in trade for one you really love.
BUT if you got rid of them we would not be enjoying this wonderfully amusing blog!