March 2, 2008

WWLT: FarmWife Edition...again

Today we have learned that:

  • the mere mention of a four wheeler for my own personal use will cause me to repeatedly visit said machine on the Internet and talk to and about it while gazing at the lovely blueness that it is. (Admit it, she's wish you had one too, don't you? Come on, you can tell me.)

  • when Husband's ATV is parked in the yard, I will set on it aimlessly glancing in his direction with a stupid grin on my face until he climbs on behind & instructs me on how to operate said machine.

  • driving a fore mentioned ATV in circles around the house is surprisingly fun.

  • driving it down the gravel road is surprisingly nerve racking to begin with...but gets fun real fast.

  • Mommy drives faster than Daddy & turns around in the road. Daddy only goes through more fields. He never turns around. Does he even know how to turn around? (I should note that none of this is true. I do not drive fast & Husband can turn around.)

  • Having a "set path" to follow keeps me from panicking. I'm not big on not knowing exactly where I'm going to turn. Makes me a bit nervous.

  • I need to learn how to put it in reverse.

  • a four wheeler is simply the FarmWife's reality setting in to replace her dreams of a motorcycle of her very own.

  • suede Keds ballet flats are not good to shift in.

Oh dear. I'm obsessed again, aren't I?


Kork said...

just be careful...yours truly & BB had a 2006 Yamaha Raptor, manual...admittedly a "sport" ATV. I hadn't been on the thing more than 10 minutes before I rolled it & almost broke my nose...

go ahead...ask me all you want about that story...

Farm Fairy & Bruno said...

Yes, i admit it, I want green!

Grace said...

Okay, I admit, that would be a blast to zoom around in! My mom's best friend while I was growing up lived on a farm, and she had an old four-wheeler. I use to love it when we'd hop on and take a tour of the entire farm!

Queen Mother said...

You need to check out the new 3 wheeler. it is suppose to be safer.
what ever REMBER helmets are a must. even Kim say's so