March 2, 2008

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Yesterday we made the trek to Grandma & Grandpa M&M's house. BabyGirl didn't want to leave the house, but eventually gave in and graced us with her very grumpy presence. Bitsy spent the entire trip either sleeping or happily playing. BabyGirl spent the entire trip asking how much longer it would take & picking fights with everyone in the van. The boys started asking for snacks as soon as we pulled out of the driveway. It was FABULOUS!

But it was well worth the trouble to get to spend some time visiting with G'ma & G'pa & Aunt Silverbelle. Uncle Greenteeth is sick, so we didn't get to see him. Bitsy ate a big helping of Grandma's mashed potatoes, BabyGirl ate a little of everything, B.B. ate sweet corn, and #1 Son ate ketchup & bread. Go figure.

They even made it through most of lunch before they asked about M&M's. When we went on a family vacation a few years back, Inkling's mom, my Aunt D, brought a big bag of M&M's with her. They stayed in a lodge house with G'ma & G'pa. G'ma got credit (from my children) for the M&M's & they've been Grandma & Grandpa M&M's ever since. Unless you ask B.B. He calls them Gwandma & Gwandpa Em-da-lems (that's B.B. speak for you).

The shower went smashingly...RA got lots of goodies & her baby boy is due to make his appearance on Easter Sunday. I'm very excited for them. I know there were fertility treatments involved, but I'm not sure how far down that road they had to go.

The trip home was peaceful & uneventful. Blessedly. Most everyone slept the first half of the drive & I got to read Villette. The last half of the drive, I sat in between B.B. & Bitsy, fed her bananas, and played the Fantastic 4 with him. He wasn't too happy that I said The Human Torch had to stay in his car seat to save the day. Mean Mom.

Today I picked up a package QM sent to Busha's house. I am now the proud owner of 2 more velour track suits (of the sexier variety than the ones your grandma wears to play bridge with the ladies at the retirement village). They are my new uniform. And cute too!

I also have a copy of The Shack, Inkling. I'll start reading soon. Just let me finish my SPD book, and get to a good stopping place in the two others I'm working on.

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