March 18, 2008

Here comes the rain again....and again....and again.

Sing it Annie Lennox.

There isn't normally a stream running through our field. Yes, there is a small pond. You can see the edge of it on the left side of the picture...well, it's usually small. Today, not so much. In normal conditions (which I'm beginning to think we may never again see) it's about 50 feet across & around 5 feet deep in the middle. Last summer it was about 2 feet deep in the middle. Right now you'd just get swept back out the other side into the front field if you tried to wade out to check it's depth.

There is also not normally a small pond next to our driveway. At the moment it's coming over top of the drive as the culvert under the drive is slightly plugged & isn't letting the water flow through as fast as it needs to.

I think last spring I was considering building an Ark. Today I'm wishing we had a pontoon boat. Might save us on gas. I could probably make it all the way to Wal-Mart if I kept to the flooded ditches. I wonder if Husband could build us one out of the old washing machine he keeps stored in the shed.

And guess what! It's going to rain all day today, all night tonight, and probably all day tomorrow. Yippee. (Sarcasm doesn't exactly read well does it?)

I may be asking too much, but with the kids starting a full week of spring break today (oh, and I didn't realize it was a full week. For some reason I thought they had to go back on Monday), couldn't we just have a few dry days? A few sunny days? A few days when the entire yard isn't under water? What am I going to do with a group of hyper housebound over sugared ("Thank you, Easter Bunny") children for a full week?! It's even too wet to take them to Uncle E's to play tonight. They'd be soaked before they made it to the van.

I really should have planned better...we could have gone to Tennessee this week. Or at least floated there. Too bad QM & Art are headed to Florida. Now I'm just depressed.

I wonder if pregnant cows can swim...........


Brando said...

You should see my house. There were fields around it but they are completely flooded, and it looks like a Lake.

The water is over the blacktop in two places and morons are hitting it going really fast. Crazy I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

last year it was us this year it is you. We have spring break in two weeks.

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Ragged Around the Edges said...

It looks like a dam broke here. I've never seen so much rain.