March 17, 2008

'Cause chicks dig scars

OK, so yesterday I was doing dishes & chatting with the Queen Mother on the phone while the boys tore through the house with mad abandon. I had repeatedly warned them about the dangers of running through the house. I asked them to stop running. I demanded they stop running. I deposited their hind ends on the couch & threatened them if they did not stop running. Did they listen? Obviously not.

I turned from the dish drainer to put the silverware away when B.B. shot out of nowhere (seriously, I think he was invisible before he crashed) and slammed his head into the side of the open drawer. He was running full tilt when his head made contact with the drawer runner. He hit it so hard his feet flew up in the air & he came down hard...the side of his face hit the ground first.

I nearly screamed. I got off the phone very quickly, grabbed an ice pack, and deposited him on the couch. I just knew we were getting ready to make a trip to the ER for stitches, but thankfully the skin didn't actually break. It's just a scrape. Today there's barely a bruise.

B.B. wanted QM to come see his owie as soon as it happened. I told him we'd send her a picture instead. This is the email he wrote to her & Pa this morning:

Dear Grammy & Pa,
Do you like my owie? I got it because I been running and and I bumped into that drawer and I falled down. You have to be careful & not open those drawers again so I don't get an owie.
B.B. FarmHand

Her response:

Dear B.B.,
Your owie looked like it hurt bad. Maybe you should just walk and not run in the kitchen.

Words from the wise.

And while this may be off topic, I have to share. As I was typing, Husband said, "Uh, Bitsy is in Lilly's kennel chewing on a raw hide." Eww Gwoss!


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't All Chew Toys be treated Equal Mom? ok Maybe not..Hope BB doesn't have a killer headache after that. My head hurts for the poor little guy. hugs feel better

Jeni says said...

bless his little pea pickin heart! i can't imagine the briuse that is to come in the next day or so! bless mom's heart too, they have no idea how our hearts stop when we hear that bang followed by a scream..... sheer panic, then aggravation because "how many times have i told you to stop running"

Mommy to 4 little people said...

Gotta love the logic of a little boy. Of course the drawer should have been closed... that sounds just like some thing my BB would come up with. Love the letter to Grammy, BB fully expecting sympathy and justification I am sure...her response is priceless.

Mommy to 4 little people said...
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Ht's Princess said...

Maybe he should come work with me & join his cousin in the quest for the perfect head injury.

Ht's Princess said...

Oh tell Bitsy that the rawhide may work to clean Lilly's teeth but she doesn't have enough to worry about cleaning yet. If she feels she needs to I'll get her an electric tooth brush for her b-day. Ht loves his! They're great for teething too!