March 19, 2008

Thanks for sharing, Son.

I live for parent/teacher conferences. What parent doesn't really? To get a brief glimpse of how your child behaves when outside of your presence. It's truly fascinating.

In keeping with the general theme of this blog, #1 Son's teacher had an interesting anecdote to share with me today. Since the beginning of the school year he has had issues at snack time. Miss G instigated a two bite rule because #1 Son refused to try anything she offered. Today she told me he's getting better at snack time & has been eating more than the two required bites most days. Then she said, "I do have a story for you though." The words every parent longs to hear during a conference.

Miss G brought colored Goldfish crackers for snack one day. She passed them out, then asked the kids to find a purple goldfish in their pile. #1 Son got very concerned & raised his hand. When Miss G called on him he announced, "Miss G, my mom says I can only eat the orange goldfish 'cause the other ones make my poop come out different."

Oh boy.


Momma Val said...

I'm dyin'! Mine is only 14 months right now but I imagine as he grows life will get funnier . . . . . I hope.

Anonymous said...

omg..did you crawl under the table? thank goodness I didn't have to have one this week.

Brando said...

That is just great!!! LOL!!!

Mrs. Anweiler said...

That's great! You should hear the stories that aren't told at a parent/teacher conference!

FarmWife said...

Oh dear. Mrs. A, now you have me worried!! You should start another blog all about that.