February 29, 2008


A question posed. Is a FarmWife really a farm wife without her own set of farm wheels? Husband got his wheels last spring. Big wheels. Green wheels. Manly farm wheels. We paid off said wheels with our tax return this year. Now he's on the hunt for wheels for me. I'm not so good at the driving part of his toy...this one is smaller & has a push button shifter. Plus it's blue. Cute huh? I only wish it came in purple...or pink...or something more feminine. Maybe I can get some floral deals for it. I wonder, can you strap a baby seat on the back? We haven't purchased it yet. The local dealership is supposed to call us when their next order comes in. For the record (just so you don't think I'm a total girly girl who won't know her ATV from the next girl's), it's a Honda FourTrax Recon ES with a 229cc air-cooled OHV longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke engine (yes, I did cut & paste that from the web site). We'll see.

The love certainly was spread around yesterday! Thank you to all of you who said I make your day. It's nice to be appreciated for all the hard work (i.e. Googling, cutting, and pasting) I do around here.

I finished the baby blanket & burp clothes for my friend's shower last night. I also washed three loads of laundry, folded & put away all the towels, ironed BabyGirl's shirt for school, washed dishes, picked up the house, cooked hassenpfeffer Bar-B-Que for lunch today, gave the boys their "going to see grandma" hair cuts, talked to Art while she packed for her mini-break (see how I did that? Very Bridget Jones I am), and ripped most of my CD's into my computer so I can make a "Thank You, Miss Ragged" CD...all the while listening to Mindy Smith's version of Jolene on repeat in the CD player.

Today I have restocked the pantry (and spent the past 2 hours trying to convince B.B. that he does not have to eat it all today), picked up the last of the baby gift things, perused & purchased the perfect (I hope) Hannah Montana doll for BabyGirl, found "boy lipstick" for my little men, got the oil changed in the van, washed the van (who knew it was maroon under that layer of dusty tan?), visited with Busha & Bucka while they were doing their shopping, bathed the boys, and put Bitsy down for her nap. I really should follow her lead.

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conleyclan said...

WOW! i am completely impressed with how much you got accomplished before 230 in the afternoon!!! you truly are supermom!!!!!