December 20, 2007

Things you never want to hear from your child's principal:

"Uh, Mrs. Farm. We have BabyGirl in the office. She passed out in the bathroom a little while ago. I've been trying to get a hold of you."

I was picking up #1 Son from school when Mr.C caught me getting into the van. Apparently, BabyGirl felt like she was going to be sick, so she headed to the bathroom. The second grade teacher saw her weaving down the hall, and followed her. Miss S found BabyGirl passed out in the bathroom floor.

I brought her home & called the Dr's office wanting to take her straight in. They said (they being the less than helpful receptionist) they couldn't see her until after was 11:15. I was not waiting until 2 to have my baby looked at, so I took her to the ER.

Long story a tad shorter: Strep. The faint was probably due to the nausea & her being ill.

#1 Son has wet the bed the past two nights. Something he NEVER does. I don't know what the deal is, but at least it's only a few drops. That's enough to wake him, so he can wake me, so I can change his clothes for him.

And to top it all off, B.B. has diarrhea due to the antibiotics & liquid diet he's been on for the past 5 days. Only he says, "Mom. I frowed up outta' my butt."

To put it mildly, I have had it. I'm done. I quit. Everyone else is strictly forbidden to get sick, injured, or even have a bad day. I will get sleep. I refuse to live like this any longer. Everyone will sleep through the night except Bitsy who will be allowed 2 night time feedings. That's it. No more discussion. Now if only they'd stop laughing at me.

Santa Baby, just slip some NyQuil under the tree for me.
Been an awful good girl.
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Think of all the fun I've missed,
Think of all the owies that I've had to kiss.
Next year I could be just as good,
If you'll check off my Christmas List.

Santa Baby, fill my stocking with some No-Doze & clothes,
Or I'll bloody your nose.
Santa Baby, oh hurry down the chimney tonight.


Anonymous said...


FarmWife said...

OK, I accidentaly hit publish without finishing that post, so originaly it read like the principal was singing Santa Baby. Not so. Sorry for any confusion.

Anonymous said...

oh MY gosh...Sweety I wish I could do something to give you some rest or comfort..I've got my hands full. I offer germ free hugs and lots of love and prayers.

conleyclan said...

you gotta love those days!! i would freak out if my principal called and said one of my kids had passed out!!! days like this are usually topped off with no money and 3 birthday parties or something like that!

Kork said...

OK my darlingest Farmie - words of wisdom from my chiropractor that have worked amazingly well with CC...
1 - feed the kiddos YOGURT with their meds...the probiotics will help them to get better faster, and keep the stomach ickies at bay.
2 - have the kiddos (if they can) gargle hydrogen peroxide. It kills the germs on contact, and will help to shorten the strep visit.
3 - load them up on vitamin C, and if you can get your hands on it, echinacea. The vitamin C is water soluble, so they can't OD on it...they'll just pee it out...

we started Capt Chaos on it Wed afternoon, and he's gone from green and slimy snot to clear, and its almost gone! Now if I can just get MY own body to kick it!!!