December 19, 2007

Actual conversation:

B.B.- Mom! I pooped! Come and wipe my butt! (He's only three & not really great at the cleaning part of being potty trained. We're working on it)
Me- OK, I'm coming. You can stop screaming.
B.B.- Hey look, my poop looks like a cup cake!
Me- Really? Uh...OK. I guess. (Not exactly what I was thinking when I saw it, but then it's all subjective isn't it?)
B.B. - Yeah. A poop cup cake! Only you tan't eat it. It's nasty. It just looks like a cup cake.
Me- Thanks for the warning, man.

If you don't believe me, just ask QM. I was on the phone with her while this was going on.


Sarah said...

HOLY COW. I laughed so hard I have tears running down my face. Kids will be kids, huh?

Kork said... that I've stopped laughing and crying so hard I almost fell off my couch...

Ahhh...the joys of parenthood...and the things our children will say! to quote Inkling "Oy!"

conleyclan said...

Josiah pooped neon green one time and he said "look mom, i pooped a fwaug (frog) and a wizard (lizard) it was quite hilarious!

daring one said...

Oh man! A poopcake? I'm so glad he at least knows not to eat it. I recently found Magoo sitting alone in a room chanting, "Don't eat boogies. We don't eat boogies."