December 21, 2007

More complaints on the unfairness of life in general. Otherwised titled: Moan, groan, gripe, and whine.

Sleep, Glorious Sleep.
What wouldn't we give for,
That extra bit more.
That's all that we live for.
Duvets, Pillows, and Comforters,
Our senses go reeling.
One moment of knowing that
Well napped feeling...

OK, so I finally got some sleep. Not a lot, but it was continuous (comparatively) and when #1 Son got up, I was nursing the baby, so he headed straight for his dad. This time it was something about his covers.

BabyGirl is looking a little better this morning, but she's still running a fever. If she does like the boys, she'll run one for about 4 days. Ugh.

The worst part of it all is that we've had to cancel all our Christmas plans. Princess, Axl, & HT were supposed to stay with us but since none of us want to see HT ill, they're going to stay with Uncle Gick & Unkie Di instead. Then Monday we were going to G'ma M&M's for Christmas Eve. We haven't been since BabyGirl's first Christmas. When the ER doctor told me strep has an incubation period of 2 to 7 days I knew that was the end of those plans. Bitsy, Husband or I could be sick & contagious without knowing it on Monday. I don't want to risk exposing G'ma & G'pa to this much less any other family (Inkling, are Puff & Lulu going to be there?).

Saturday is Christmas at Uncle E's with Husband's family. We won't be there either. The thought of spending Christmas under Quarantine bites...especially since we've been cooped up nearly a month with some form of illness or another. We've only been to church once this month and had to leave because #1 Son got sick. No Christmas pageant for us either.

Is there any chance we can postpone Christmas until mid January? Then maybe I'll actually be in the mood for it. At the moment I've been Scrooged.


Kork said...

Of COURSE you can postpone Christmas...after all, it is your family!

Lots of hugs to you and yours...sorry the munchkins are sick, and I'm praying that the rest of you can fight it off.

As for the remedies from earlier, you and hubby can do the same things, and it won't hurt Bitsy one bit!

Brando said...

OH hun!! I am so sorry, the sickness must have blown up this way. Yuri was throwing up all night last night, and I have a upset belly, I hope that does not mean vomiting for me.

Hang in there!!