October 13, 2012

Yahoo for us!

Miss T and I work very hard.  Most of the time.  We clean- a lot.  We spend a good deal of time planning our days in advance.  We lift and tote and inventory and list and shuffle and thaw and pack and organize our days away.  And sometimes we even cook.

This week I made turkey and noodles for around 150 people.  We had carrots and mashed potatoes and home school made hot rolls and some type of canned fruit (which are becoming the bane of my existence). We cooked our rear ends off.  I kid you not- I rolled and cut out more than 16 dozen hot rolls before 7 am. I cooked and stripped down 3 whole turkeys.  We baked almost 30 pounds of carrots (ran out of stove top space so they had to go in the oven- it worked).

The day following we served fish sandwiches.  They came pre-made and frozen.  All we had to do was bake  and bun them along with tri-corner hash browns, baked beans, and canned peaches.

Want to take a guess at which meals got us a giant, community, "THANK YOU!!" from the kindergarten through 2nd grade lunch class?  Which meal resulted in no less than 10 Junior High students coming to the kitchen to sing its praises?  Which meal made the third and fourth graders debate it merits and decide it was nearly the best thing we've yet to cook?

If you guessed the frozen fish sandwiches, you would be correct.

Truth be told, my feelings were not at all hurt.  The past 2 months have taught me that something I love, the kids will dump in the trash and things I won't touch with a 10 foot pole.  I do not take their refusal to eat something personally but I do really love being told they enjoyed something- even when I have little to do with it's actual preparation.

In other good work news- Miss T and I had a visit from the health inspector this week and we aced our inspection.  Not bad for a couple of newbies.

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