October 11, 2012

A glimpse

I love my job.  I love seeing the kids (mine and others) walk past my line.  I like laughing with them, teasing them, hearing about their days, lives, and adventures.  I love being around them.  I should point out that I am exposed to them in rather brief intervals, unlike their teachers.  That is perfect for me.

But then there are days, and there are children, who make my job really hard.  Actually more sad than hard. There are kids you want to wrap up and take home with you because you know no one at their house pays them any attention.   Kids with potential but no one to encourage them. There are kids you know are living in households that couldn't care less about them or their education.  There are kids who aren't being parented at all and crave that adult interaction.

Then there are the kids who've given up at the ripe age of 12 or 13.  Kids who not only have issues with authority, but have no use for it at all. Kids who would shock me if they graduate high school.  Kids who think discipline in any form is a joke and doesn't apply to them.  Kids who will look you in the eye and do exactly what they know they should not.

It makes me wish my children knew just how blessed they are but at the same time, I'm glad they're oblivious to it.  That means they have no idea that life doesn't always take care of kids their age.

Mama says to keep praying for the kids at school.  I am and I'd be happy if I knew you were, too.  It's an unpleasant eye opener.  I want to learn to deal with it without becoming hardened to it.

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Layla said...

That's sad. :( I'm not surprised that there are so many like that, but it's still sad.