October 9, 2012


Things got thoroughly checked yesterday.  Can't say I remember much of it.  There were people, and an IV, and I'm pretty sure a doctor showed up, but once they squeezed that happy juice into my arm I pretty much couldn't care less what else was going to happen.

Sunday night, on the other hand, was crappy.  In the fullest sense of the word.  All stinking night long.  At one point I was wishing I hadn't thrown out the kids' old potty chair because I was pretty sure we'd need it on the 15 mile drive to the hospital.  Turns out I was wrong.  Not gonna' gripe about that one.

We were sitting in the prep room waiting for the nurse to come get me and take me into the procedure room when Husband said, "I didn't sleep good last night."

I said nothing.

"Someone kept waking me up."

Still nothing.

"I'm not gonna' say who.....I'm just saying."


"And then I had to get up early."

Icy stare.

"And I have to work late tonight and won't get my nap."

Stare turns to glare.

"Just sayin'."

"Yeah, well they're getting ready to stick a camera up my butt so I really don't care if you ever sleep again."

Way to handle that with grace, FarmWife.

(Don't freak out on my dip stick of a husband.  He was trying to be cute.  And, truth be told, I did laugh.)

Not that I remember anything about yesterday past the nurse doping me up, but Husband said Doc was pleased with my tests.  Everything looked good.  He did take a few samples and we should get the results back by the end of this week.

In case you're wondering, Burger King breakfast is good even when you're unconscious.

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