May 29, 2012

Because Sometimes Dad Needs Help, Too.

There are lots of parenting books out there.  Most of them seem to be geared towards Mom.  People seem to forget that Dad is a parent, too...and often times no one's bothered to teach him the basics like how to change a diaper and what you need in your diaper bag.  Thankfully, Brett Cohen & my good friends at Quirk Books have come to the aid of all new dads with their New book- Stuff Every Dad Should Know.

This is where I fully admit that this book came in the mail a few months (maybe 2) ago. I read it, stuck it on the shelf for a time when I could sit down and write my review only to totally forget I had it.  Whoops.  But I'm not too terribly far behind.  The release date was May 1st.

You may recall my touting the praises of Stuff Every Mom Should Know a few months ago.  The Dad version deserves a place on the shelf right next to it (in fact, that's where it sits on my shelves).

The book does not treat fathers like idiots, but it does deal with stuff the most clueless of fathers need to learn.  How to pick out appropriate clothing for your child (something Husband could have used when the FarmHands were to little to pick for themselves....and even now when they're not great at matching), Elements of a First Aid Kit, How to Squelch a Temper Tantrum, what to do when your child asks where babies come from, how to assign chores, and many more.  And then there's the fun stuff like how to build a sand castle, plan a sleep over, how to make your kids "fly" without throwing out your back, how to teach your teen to drive (maybe I put this in the wrong section...get back to me in 4 more years when BabyGirl gets her learners permit), and how to bond with your teen.

Stuff Every Dad Should Know doesn't just cover the tiny baby portion of a child's life but goes right up to how to meet your child's in-laws.  It's not a huge book, but the information covered far surpasses most parenting books I've read.

This one will make a great Baby Shower gift for dad (because really, poor dad gets the shaft during most baby showers) or a take-to-the-hospital read for the brief amount of time Mom is in labor and doesn't need him at her beck and call.  Plus the hard back and small size make it perfect for packing around in the diaper bag ("It's called a satchel.  Indiana Jones wears one." -Alan Garner, The Hangover) unless of course he buys the Kindle version & keeps it on his phone.

Good Job, Mr. Cohen.  You may have saved fathers all over the country from feeling helpless in the presence of their 7 pound 6 ounce bundle of joy.

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