May 23, 2012

You can call me the Scrap Queen

Nothing smells quite as wonderful as bed sheets dried on the clothesline.  If they could bottle that scent I'd wear it.  If they could put it in a candle, I'd have a house full of Yankees in that particular scent.  I simply adore it.

Getting the sheets on the line- not so much.

It's kind of a pain in the hindquarters.  Especially when you can't keep track of your clothes pins.

So I picked up this funny looking little thing.  It's basically a (pretending to be) cloth bag with a wire going through the top to keep it open a bit and a metal hook to hang it from your clothesline.  Unfortunately, it has not stood the test of time very well.  In fact, I lose more pins that I transport in it anymore.

 About a week ago I came across Busha's clothes pin apron while QM and I were working in her garage.  "I can make that," I thought....and I did.
 It's made entirely out of scrap fabric I had from other projects (mostly from a kitchen apron I made for Inkling a few years back).  It might look a bit odd on, but that's because it's holding about 150 or more clothes pins.
Maybe this will inspire me to do laundry tomorrow.  Then again, I really like looking at it while it sits on the kitchen table.  Maybe I'll make it our new centerpiece.

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