January 27, 2012

Lord, give me patience because if you give me strength I just might beat someone to death.

That's how the past week has been for me.  I've been at my whit's end.  I told Princess I didn't think I had a rope left to be at the end of.  But I'm much better now.

It's amazing what a few decent nights of sleep will do for a girl.  Bitsy, for some unknown reason, started sleeping through the night in her own bed.  Until now (at 4 1/2 years old) she would still wake up once in the night & try to get in bed with me.  This week it seems to have stopped.  I'm not holding my breath because we've been through this a few times before, but I'm really hoping it's a permanent change.

QM is here for a visit.  She brought HT's toddler bed up for Bitsy.  The bed Bitsy's been sleeping in has been passed down through all 3 of the older FarmHands so it's seen better days.  Much better days.  HT moved up into a big boy bed because, as he told me, he's now grown up (at the ripe age of 5).  I'm hoping this new, red, Lightning McQueen bed will help Bitsy stick with her new found ability to sleep soundly.

In other news, I have discovered I'm not a huge fan of online shopping.  If I purchase something I want it in hand now.  I've ordered a new camera & a USB modem for the new lap top & I've spent all week stalking my orders on line.  One item was in Indiana 2 days ago- about 1 1/2 hours drive from my house.  The next day it was in southern Kentucky, 3 hours away.  QM could have picked it up on her way here.  Grrrr.  When I asked about it at Walmart today they told me it would be here, "later today or tomorrow."  I'm trying not to pull my hair out.

Speaking of hair (nice segue, huh?) I got it cut today.  Unfortunately the girl who's been cutting my hair for the last year wasn't at the salon today.  I use the term 'salon' loosely as I get my hair cut at Walmart (what can't you do at Walmart?).  It's not that it's a bad place, it's just that the turn over rate is insane.  Just when I find a stylist I like, she's gone.  I have GOT to find a beauty shop I like & can stick with for more than 2 months.  My last one shut down her shop to go work at a bank....3 years ago.  I fear it's a losing battle.


Layla said...

Two words: Amazon. Prime. Worth it's weight in gold. Free two day shipping. Dangerous and lovely.

Penny said...

I am with you on the hair stylist..I've lived in Indianapolis for almost 10 years and i still cant find someone i really like..well that doesnt cost $200 for color and cut!!!