January 29, 2012

Because I know you're been waiting in breathless impatience.

They're here.  My new camera & my USB modem have finally made their grand appearances leaving me free to blog from the arm chair by my fireplace & take pictures of everything in sight.  Now I can quit stalking UPS and Walmart's tracking site.  I can rest knowing my camera is no longer gathering dust in a warehouse in Kentucky.  Aren't you relived?

Now if only I could figure out how to make all of this new equipment work correctly.  I'm getting there. Slowly but surely.

Last weekend we had a massive down pour after the FarmHands went to bed.  Husband and I were watching television when we heard a rhythmic, "ping, ping, ping."  Water was dripping onto the top of the fire box in the fireplace.  I was not happy.  The next morning I called our roofer & told him what was going on & he said he'd be there as soon as he could to fix it.  Between times, Husband and I decided to have the chimney removed all together to prevent future leaks.  Being just a metal pipe & not a brick chimney, it wasn't that involved a process.  That means we are currently without a functioning fireplace.  The plan is to replace what was using a large amount of wood for blessed little heat with a propane insert or even just a gas log.  That is yet to be determined.  Until then I'm praying we don't have any kind of storms that could knock out our power leaving us heatless in the middle of nowhere.

Anyone out there know anything about fireplace inserts?

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