January 31, 2012

Baby, it's not cold enough outside.

As you may remember, I'm not much for cold and snow and ice....but at the moment, I could really go for a hard freeze.  Yes, I'm really enjoying the spring-like temperatures the mid-west has been enjoying this January but I'm beginning to see the need for a true winter. We've only had 2 or 3 seriously cold days & only 2 dustings of snow.  Not nearly enough to kill all the creepy crawlies around here.

 This morning I pulled a fat tick off one of our farm cats while we waited for the school bus to come.  I've found a few stray fleas on Lilly and Buddy at bath time of late.  There was a wood roach scampering about  this morning.  In January we should be free of bugs & creepy crawlies but instead, they seem to be living the high life.  Maybe not a margaritas pool side high life, but most definitely better than the rotting in a block of ice life they're used to in January.   Personally, I'd prefer to send them back to their block of ice before our summer is one long battle of the bug.

If we don't get a few weeks of serious cold we're going to face a plague of biblical proportions come summer.  The FarmHands will be anemic from all the mosquito bites.  Cookouts will be made a near impossibility by the swarms of black flies vying for our dinners.  So, even though I am normally anti-winter, in this instance I am changing my stance.

Bring on the snow, please.  I'm ready.

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