December 29, 2011

Grown up Christmas List

The number of presents under the tree this year with my name on them came to a grand total of one. Yup. One present. And it was from my mother-in-law. She got me a waffle iron.

A few years ago, I would have been depressed by the lack of Mama Swag...but not anymore. Sure, I'd like something sparkly. I like something new & techy with a screen you can touch. I'd love a stack of books or movies or music to keep me entertained. I wouldn't mind a spa day or a mani-pedi with my bestie, but in truth, I'm more than happy with the gifts I've been given through the year.

After the kids opened their presents and Christmas was being shuffled away, I headed back to run a load of laundry. I have shiny red appliances humming happily in my laundry room. A washer & dryer I truly enjoy using are nearly as exciting as something sparkly I only get to wear on special occasions.

Husband bought me the most beautiful winter dress coat just over a month ago. Sure, I picked it out & he just added it to the pile of dress clothes he was getting, but I adore it none the less.

In a few weeks I will have an entire hog butchered & processed to my specifications stashed happily in my freezer. I will have enough pork to feed my family for the next year & I know how & where it was raised.

And best of all, today I have 2/3 of a new blue metal roof on my house. The rest should be completed tomorrow. No longer will I watch my ceilings in dread every time we have a good hard rain. No longer will I cringe at the sight of the huge patches of black tar Husband's had to spread to keep our 8 year old shingles from curling up at the edges.

Being a grown up isn't as fun as I thought it would be when I was 8, but it's really better than it sounds. It's just a change in perspective. I've had a great Christmas even if it wasn't wrapped up under the tree.


Penny said...

I am right there with ya! I love watching the kids open presents, espcially the grandkids..but I do not like getting gifts just because someone thinks I need something to open and therefore I get some shirt I will never wear (espeically a RED t-shirt that has writing on the back..LOL)..I am most happy watching and then next week when I'm out and I see a cute ornament on more that half discount, I can get that..or if hubby says let's see a play, I would rather spend that $24 bucks on 2 hours of time with dont buy me something (ug!@) just to fill a box..I'm fine with just giving to my family and enjoying their joy and excitement!!

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Same here. I did get a few things here and there, but nothing tremendous. But I am oh so thankful for our gorgeous new fridge and that we were able to give our kids a very nice Christmas.

And who can forget the very best Christmas present I got! My new baby boy. Seriously, he's like a grown-up version of a baby doll. Every girl wants a cute baby doll for Christmas, right? :)