December 22, 2011

An email I just sent to Walmart

Yesterday as I was in the check-out of the (insert nearest location to the Farm) Walmart, my 10 year old daughter passed out as she was walking out of the bathroom. I left my order on the line & ran to get her. As I was helping her up & trying to walk back to our line she collapsed again. I picked her up & put her in an empty cart sitting at the end of an aisle & went back to the register where my groceries were. Not a single Walmart employee offered to help & there were quite a few in the area watching us. The cashier who was checking me out asked what was wrong & I told her my daughter was sick & had passed out. After finishing my order & waiting for me to pay, she finally asked if I needed help getting my cart out to my vehicle. At that point I needed to get my daughter home as quickly as possible so I didn't want to wait any longer. I told her no & left the store.

As I was pushing one cart, pulling the other, and trying to keep an eye on my 4 year old who was also with me, the gentleman who works in the parking lot bringing in carts asked me if I needed assistance. When he saw my daughter laying in one of the carts, he did not wait for an answer. He immediately said, "You cannot do this alone. Let me help," as he took the cart full of groceries from me. He asked if my daughter was Ok and he unloaded the dog food I had under my cart. He then asked if I wanted him to finish unloading my cart as I was getting my girls buckled in. I said, "No thank you. I can handle it from here. Thank you so much for your help!" He told me he hoped my daughter would get better quickly & ended with, "God bless you. Merry Christmas," as he took both of my carts & walked away.

The man who helped me was obviously mentally disabled. I've been told his name is Keith. I was very shaken up & very worried about my daughter & he was the only person to come to my aid. He should be commended for his kindness & his desire to help.

Yeah, it's pretty well self explanatory. I thought about adding that the rest of the staff could really use a lesson in kindness from Keith & probably some training in what to do in case a customer has an emergency, but I decided to leave well enough alone. I think I got my point across without being overly critical. There are some really great people that work at our local Walmart but for some reason, none of them were around when I needed them.


Layla said...

I refuse, for so many reasons, to shop at Wal-Mart. This is ridiculous, but poor guy will probably get fired for saying god bless and merry christmas. I seriously hate that place.

Penny said...
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Penny said...

oh my gosh!! I hope above all that your daughter is ok!! and yes, there are lots of rude people out there but God always puts an angel right where we need one!!
Merry Christmas to your family!