November 26, 2011

Black Friday should be canceled.

Thus says BabyGirl. Especially after hearing about a college kid wanting to get into a wrestling match with her uncle over some video games the uncle already had in his possession....and the 6 hour wait in line another uncle had to get a laptop....and stories of people waiting in the parking lot for their "competitors" after the sale was over....and an acquaintance having a gun pulled on him last year over a toy.

Get a grip folks. Yeah, cheap electronics are nice, but is it worth trampling each other to get a Kindle? If my ten year old sees the flaw in this thinking, why can't the rest of the country get on board?

That being said, we did brave the crowds yesterday afternoon. Not door busters. Not really on the hunt for anything in particular, but we had to be in town so figured why waste the trip? We had to have the oil changed & the earliest appointment was on Black Friday. After the oil change, we decided it wasn't worth an extra trip to town to get groceries so we made a day of it. In all honesty, Black Friday isn't a bad day for grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. No one's on that side of the store.

I did get the Lord of the Rings movies for $1.95 each making the geek in my very happy!

Thanksgiving was spent with Husband's folks, sister, and youngest brother. We had a nice visit & a good meal followed by total melt down when #1 Son lost every game of Uno played with his aunt, siblings, and grandmother.

That evening the FarmHands & I went to Uncle Gick & Unkie Di's to hang out with the crowd that gathers there every year. All of Unkie Di's family comes down from the Chicago area to spend the holiday along with a cousin of mine & his wife we rarely get to see. It's crowded & loud & more than a bit chaotic, but I love it. We talk & laugh & eat & have a great time.

Today Husband & the boys are doing manly things outside while I wash dishes & tackle Mount Saint Laundry & hope Husband & I can go out tonight. Monday will be our 14th wedding anniversary. In all we're having a quiet (for us) weekend.

Before I forget, please, please, please keep Uncle Gick in your prayers. He's having his pacemaker replaced on Thursday. He's going from a pacemaker to a defibrillator & that requires different leads. That's why this could be a much more involved process than a normal pacemaker change. Uncle Gick has Cardiomyopathy and has had it for about 20 years. If the old leads to do not come out easily, there could be real complications. Please pray for him & for the rest of us while we wait for the end results.

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Layla said...

Black Friday is such a love/hate thing in our house, because it's the longest work day of the year for my husband, it messes up Thanksgiving for us, I don't see him all weekend (or until the new year, really) and people are horribly rude and grumpy. Yet, it's the most profitable day of the year and the bonus he'll make from this month, based on that one day, will be about a 1/4 of his salary all year. We love it, but we mainly hate it, and I'm just glad it's freaking over!!

Will be praying for Uncle Gick. Here's to a quick and easy recovery!