December 2, 2011

Wonderful news!!

Uncle Gick's surgery went perfectly yesterday! He came through with flying colors & is now at home with a very sore shoulder.

We all slept a little deeper last night. We've all breathed a little easier today.

When his doctor came out to tell us how the procedure went he informed us that one of his leads wasn't working at all & one or two others were broken. He replaced the non-functioning one & repaired the other two. With that tweak alone, Uncle Gick should feel much better.

This was probably the best Christmas present any of us could have asked for!

I've never really talked about this before. Uncle Gick was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy when I was about 14 or 15 years old. We're not really sure what caused it. He was sick & it may have been a virus that traveled into his heart or it may have been a new allergy medicine he was on (years later it came out that this medicine caused heart damage). His doctors didn't really give us much hope at the time. QM told me that without a heart transplant he wouldn't live very long.

Uncle Gick didn't want a heart transplant. I'm not positive of all his reasons but I do know he didn't want to live his life on anti-rejection drugs. I do know that his doctors said he wouldn't live to see his 50th birthday.

When BabyGirl was 8 months old, he got his pacemaker. We all saw an immediate improvement in him. He turned 50 when I was pregnant with #1 Son. At 58, we're all thrilled that he's proven his doctors wrong.

Uncle Gick is one of our favorite human beings. We're really glad God has let us keep him this long. I pray He lets us keep him another 20 years.


sarah at secret housewife said...

how wonderful! I am so happy for all of you - as you say, its a lovely Christmas present.x

Layla said...

That IS wonderful news! So happy to hear it!

Kork said...

I love Uncle Gick!!! I am so grateful and thankful that God's seeing fit to let him hang around here for awhile longer! Lots of hugs!