October 6, 2011


Tomorrow BabyGirl is going on her first overnight camp out with her entire fifth grade class. This has been a tradition at her school since the mid 1970's. It's the reason to be in 5th grade around here.

But BabyGirl is a bit unsure about the whole thing. At first she didn't want to go at all. I talked to her teacher & he said she's not required to go and that she's free to go for the day but come home at night instead of sleeping over. The closer we've gotten to the big day, the more excited she's become.

I'm going with her class to help chaperon until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. Then I'll come home to take care of the three youngest FarmHands. I told her I'd come back to get her at nine if she decided she didn't want to stay, but I'm really hoping she does. I think she'll have a great time if she sticks it out.

Please say a prayer for her tonight. I really want this to be a great memory for her like it has been for her cousins in years past.


needlefingers said...

Is this the infamous Buzzard Bait? I covered that once for the paper, and it looked like great fun for the kids.

FarmWife said...

Yup. She stayed & LOVED it. I'm so glad she went. The brief amount of time I was there it was a blast!