October 10, 2011


Be thankful you cannot smell my blog. Bunnies may be super cute, but they also stink really bad. I cannot imagine having one in the house unless it was absolutely litter box trained. We currently have 10 rabbits. The FarmHands are going to show some at the fair next year for their 4-H projects.

About a week ago, I started working on this:

It's my sassafras walking stick. Husband found it by the creek. It was dead & dry so he broke it down & brought it to me. I was working on a walking stick made from some kind of elm (?) at the time. The sassafras was really beautiful so the elm was set aside for a much later date. I stripped off the bark, smoothed off the knot holes, and sanded it all down just the way I wanted it. Saturday I coated it with polyurethane. I put on the last coat this morning & now I just have to wait for it to dry. I'm rather proud of it, if I do say so myself.

Today has already been a day jam packed with adventure....and it's only 12:30. We got up early & headed out with Beffie to her boyfriend's house to get some feeder pigs. Loaded 2 rather large pigs into a not quite large enough dog kennel in the back of the old van (Mammy) and drove 30 miles home with the smell of hog poop wafting through the vehicle.

Big Red is the Duroc on the left and the black & white (looks like a hampshire but is really a cross of a few different breeds) has been named Thor. Initially we were discussing them being a 4-H project, but instead we're going to stick with bunnies until we get the hang of it. These boys will be for dinner in a few months.

Sunlight reflecting off the pond at the end of the dock.

Husband wrestled them into their pen & I dug out BabyGirl's camera. I know they're not the best pictures, but it's been so long since I've posted any, I really needed to share.

On Friday Husband had an order form for the USDA's fall tree sale in our area. They had 6 or 7 kinds of trees to choose from for $1-2 a piece. We ordered 25 pecan trees to put up on the hill east of our house & I'm getting 5 red buds for the front of the house since my dog woods have all died. And if anyone is looking for a tree with a great shape & beautiful fall colors for their yard, may I suggest the sassafras? We have quite a few by the creek & they're beautiful!

My boots & Husband's coveralls & flannel shirt waiting for a run through the Sanitize setting on my washing machine. Nothing like the smell of pig poop in the morning.

My White Board. It's stuck to my back door with super magnets. This are today's words of encouragement. Normally it's on the inside of the door, but that didn't work so well with BabyGirl's cheap-o camera.

Now I just need to get motivated & get my house in order....but since the FarmHands aren't in school today that may be a pointless endeavor. Maybe tomorrow. Today I'll just play.


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

You got a whiteboard!!! Yeah!!!

zann said...

I like the pictures, but inquiring minds want to know, did babygirl make it through the campout?