October 5, 2011

First you see him, then you don't- or how to get a new kitten just by going to school.

We accidentally have a new kitten. How does one accidentally acquire a kitten? I shall tell you.

Monday morning I took the FarmHands to school as usual. When we walked in the building I heard a small meow come from some landscaping near the front doors. There's been a stray mother cat hanging around the school for the past few weeks so I assumed it was one of her kittens & didn't think much of it.

After dropping the kids off, I went to Bucka & Busha's for a visit. When I was going in the house, I heard another meow. I assumed it was Bucka's tom cat, Jake, coming to check out my van as he normally does. Busha came out of the house & told me Jake hadn't been let out of the garage yet.

We started hunting for the source of the pitiful crying when Busha said, "Pop your hood." Sure enough, there was a gray striped fur ball trying to hide behind my engine. He attempted to climb down into the components just as I snatched hold of his tail. With some tugging & coaxing, eventually Busha & I managed to get him out of my van.

Much to my surprise, he seemed rather tame & very willing to be held. We boxed him up in a spare kennel & I took him home with me to be wormed & fed.

Bitsy instantly fell in love. His name changed a few times in the first few minutes she had him in custody, but eventually she settled on Camo since he matched the new camouflage shirt she was wearing. Since then, Camo Cat has been packed around the farm, held in odd manners, not allowed to set a paw on the ground, force fed anything resembling cat food, & loved on until he can no longer stand it. Oddly enough, he seems to enjoy all the smothering attention & has (thus far) decided to live here for good.

I only hope Bitsy doesn't kill him with kindness. He is really cute.

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Anonymous said...

Camo is adorable..and I can't believe how big Bitsy is getting..In my minds eye she's still a baby..